Sandwell Council will be opening its doors to children and young people to ‘take over’ the jobs of council bosses as part of this year's Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Challenge. Young people can ‘take over’ roles such as the chief executive and directors. Young people will also be given the chance to put their questions to all the top bosses at a Leader’s meeting. This is where cabinet members and directors meet to discuss important council matters.

The council already has a few volunteers but is looking for more young people to come on board and ‘take over’ the council for a day from 20 November onwards.

As part of the Takeover Challenge, Councillor Simon Hackett's role of cabinet member for children's services will be ‘taken over’ by a young person.

He said: "This is a great opportunity for young people to see how things work at the council.

"It will also give us a valuable insight into what children think about decisions that are made and the jobs we do.

"I'm looking forward to having someone take over my role for the day and I encourage young people to volunteer to take part in this year's Takeover Challenge."