A2MAC1 have announced the opening of its first subsidiary in Istanbul (Turkey), a strategic location for the future growth of A2MAC1.

For more than 20 years, A2MAC1 has been supporting the continued success of the Turkish economy as a valued partner to the Turkish automotive ecosystem. Social responsibility is deeply embedded in the mission of A2MAC1: it is also committed to helping the Turkish earthquake victims and hence will donate up to 20% of the growth it generates in Turkey in 2023 to a charity fund.

In recent years, the Turkish automotive industry has been considered an integral pillar of the Turkish economy, demonstrating strong innovation and recent production growth. With a great diversity of suppliers, a strong competitive capacity and a sustainable production approach, the Turkish automotive industry has truly earned its place as a leading centre of excellence in the automotive industry and technology serving for local and export markets.

For over a quarter of a century, A2MAC1 has been a key partner for the global automotive supply chain, acting as a strategic partner to hundreds of OEMs and OESs. As the undisputed global leader for competitive insights, A2MAC1 provides cutting edge innovative solutions and visibility into market trends and growth opportunities for its customers.

With its unique proprietary benchmarking platform and an unrivaled database of over 40 million images and 3D models of more than 1,800 analyzed vehicles, the company offers insights and solutions to manufacturers and industrial companies that help to generate ideas, optimize designs, and significantly reduce costs. A2MAC1 reveals the secrets hidden behind the most complex innovations and technologies, transforming invisible data into meaningful insights.

CEO of A2MAC1, Frank Bunte, said:The automotive industry in Turkey has significantly raised its awareness in terms of driving innovation, disrupting the global automotive market. We are proud to be a reliable partner to its 500+ companies in this industry to support their rapid growth locally and internationally.

“Our motto is to always anticipate market trends and meet our clients' needs. Therefore, we are delighted to continue our expansion into the Turkish market with the opening of our new office in Istanbul.

“This opening is aligned with our growth strategy and our local staff will provide innovative and high-value-added solutions for our clients to shape a smarter, greener and evermore connected future today and for the generations to come. With a strong focus on social responsibility in its business and with the recent earthquake in Turkey, it is obvious for A2MAC1 that we will contribute to support the country and the earthquake victims by making a significant donation.”