Antisemitism and the spread of hateful content online – Lords to debate

Antisemitism and the spread of hateful content online – Lords to debate


On Thursday 20 June members of the House of Lords will debate the increase in incidents of antisemitism in recent years. Tabled by Baroness Berridge, the motion reads:

Baroness Berridge to move that this House takes note of the incidence of antisemitism worldwide.

Members scheduled to speak include:
Baroness Altmann
Lord Alton of Liverpool
Baroness Berridge
Lord Collins of Highbury
Lord Dykes
Lord Harries of Pentregarth
Lord Palmer of Childs Hill
Lord Pickles
Lord Polak
Lord Shinkwin
Lord Singh of Wimbledon

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon will respond on behalf of the Government.

Baroness Berridge will be focusing the debate on the global trend of incidents of antisemitism, and the ease with which hateful content is spread online. She hopes to encourage unity to prevent the spread of antisemitism, and action to hold online companies to account.

Speaking ahead of the debate, Baroness Berridge said:

“From Berlin to Buenos Aires, incidents of antisemitism have increased drastically in recent years. It seems that the ease with which content that encourages hatred towards Jewish people can now be spread online has combined with political instability and historic antisemitism to cause age-old stereotypes to resurface, as societies look for scapegoats and simple answers to complex problems. As Co-Chair of the APPG for International Freedom of Religion or Belief, I urge the UK and all Governments to work together to hold Internet Service Providers to account and take national measures to prevent the spread of hateful internet messaging about Jews and to do whatever else they can to protect Jewish communities around the world who are suffering once again. This scourge needs eradicating once and for all. ”

The debate is expected to start at some point after 11.30am on Thursday 20 June 2019.

Members of the public are welcome to attend

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