Restaurants at St. Lucia’s Bay Gardens Resorts have not only carefully reopened their tables, they are also supporting nearby eateries by inviting them to make their food available to guests through the resorts’ Dine Around program.


Sanovnik Destang, Executive Director of the locally owned properties in Rodney Bay, said since resuming regular operations in July, “We have maintained all aspects of our revolutionary All-Inclusive Experience package which is enhanced by the Rodney Bay Dine Around plan.”


While St. Lucia's Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) protocols only allowed for takeaway or delivery at independent restaurants during this first phase of its reopening of the tourism sector, the Dine Around program has facilitated the delivery of more than 300 food orders to the resorts from top local restaurants to date, “contributing over EC$35,000 (US$13,000) into the local restaurant sector in the past two months,” reported Destang, for whom the term ‘all-inclusive’ means reaching beyond the walls of the popular hotel group. 


“Of course, Bay Gardens has excellent restaurant choices for guests to enjoy, such as our Hi-Tide restaurant, a recent recipient of the Travelers’ Choice award, but we wanted to ensure our local partner restaurants could share in the benefits of our unique brand of ‘all-inclusive’ tourism that truly includes everyone,” said Destang. 


Guests who book for seven or more nights under the All-Inclusive Experience have access to the Dine Around program. For three nights out of their stay, they are offered a choice of fine dining restaurants that include Indian, Italian, French, seafood and sushi. Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner at the resorts’ restaurants are included as well as all drinks, including premium alcoholic beverages.  


Destang is proud of how Bay Gardens team members, the majority of whom are St. Lucian and led by a predominantly female executive management team, have supported and implemented the program. "Our well-trained staff ensure the food and meal delivery process is carried out with careful attention to COVID-19 protocols and guidelines to protect the health and safety of our valued guests, team members and the local public,” he stated.


Not only does the program expand menu options for Bay Gardens guests, it also provides a cross-training opportunity for chefs to sharpen their skills which Destang said, “encourages the exchange of favorite recipes among the food preparers and the sharing of best practices.” 


This culinary exchange, where chefs learn from one another in the kitchen, has caught on and produced mouthwatering results. “We have added exciting fusions of Caribbean and international dishes to our menus. All restaurants in the program will offer cross-training as a requirement, along with staff discounts to further foster the spirit of village tourism,” said Destang.


Some of the new Bay Gardens menu items, which have been inspired by the Dine Around program, include Breadfruit Arancini, Kingfish Rice Cake with Avocado Aioli, Seafood Mofongo, Butter Chicken, Dasheen Vichyssoise, and Soursop Cheesecake. 


Under the All-Inclusive Experience holiday, guests also receive one free spa treatment per room each day, unlimited complimentary passes to Splash Island Water Park, complimentary nonmotorized water sports, an in-room starter pack featuring refreshments and snacks, and complimentary Wi-Fi.