Experts at BBC Good Food, the UK’s number one food media brand, are predicting the pancake grazing platter as the biggest trend for Pancake Day next week (Tuesday 1 March), saying the chance to get together and share a celebratory meal after last year’s lockdowns and disrupted Christmas and New Year plans is too good to miss. 


Pancake Day sees the biggest day of the year for traffic to; in 2021 the site had 8.1 million page impressions, highest than Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  The trend for grazing platters, or sharing boards, shows no sign of going away, online searches for “grazing board” and “grazing platter” have risen by over 130% over the last two years, 5000% over the last five years.


Cassie Best, BBC Good Food’s Food Director, said: “Grazing platters are the perfect choice for Pancake Day, they’re simple and quick to prepare for breakfast, brunch or an evening get-together.

“A beautifully arranged platter with a variety of pancakes, toppings and fresh fruit is visually stunning and sharable, and not just on social media. The joy of a platter or sharing board is that everyone can eat together around one table, you just choose recipes and fillings to cover everyone’s dietary options and personal tastes.

“On we have vegan, high protein, gluten, dairy free, sweet and savoury recipes, plus hundreds more.  If you want to create a showstopper centrepiece we have a Lemon drizzle mille crepe or a banoffee pancake - recipe on the BBC Good Food app – or keep it simple with fool-proof Easy pancakes and follow our how to flip a pancake guide to show off your flip for added entertainment.”

Cocktail-flavoured and alcohol-infused pancakes is another trend BBC Good Food is predicting to be popular on Pancake Day this year. has a whole Guide to Best Boozy Pancakes from espresso martini pancakes to gin-and-tonic flavour.

The jeopardy of the pancake toss or flip might be a key part of the Pancake Day fun, but the risk-averse are covered by BBC Good Food’s pancake tray-bake which guarantees no broken pancakes as well as preserving floors and ceilings.    But for traditionalists who want to fry and flip, has a guide to how to flip a pancake, as well as a advice on the best pancake pans.