In a recent survey, from a list of 12 most sexually satisfied countries, the UK was nowhere to be seen, but nature’s answer to the little blue pill could be just the trick to get you feeling fruity this Valentines Day! A diminished libido is something that at least a fifth of us suffer from at some point, but swapping the mighty blueberry into your meal this Valentine’s Day, could help to ramp up your sex drive!.

Flavonoids, the naturally occurring chemicals in blueberries, reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by up to 14 per cent according to new Harvard studies3. So alongside a glass of red wine, a handful of blueberries can improve blood circulation and keep your man ‘hot blooded’.

Blueberries also contain plant chemicals, proanthocyanidins, believed to keep blood vessels flexible and blood flowing, increasing arousal and pleasure during sex. 

According to Dr Christy Fergusson, the UK’s leading food psychologist behind Channel 4’s Secret Eaters and spokesperson for the soft fruit campaign Seasonal Berries, food and sex are linked. They trigger the same part of the brain which controls emotional and sensual activity, so adding some berries to the menu could be the small change you need to revive your sex drive.

Dr Christy explains, “They contain a number of nutrients and compounds which help your body feel frisky. Packed with soluble fiber and slow releasing energy, you’ll be guaranteed to keep your stamina up this Valentine’s.”