Sanofi is all in on AI and wants to become the first biopharma company powered by AI at scale.

The company is using AI to chase the miracles of science by accelerating drug discovery, enhancing clinical trial design and improving the manufacturing and supply of medicines and vaccines to get them to patients in need faster. Bluecrux's digital supply chain twin technology, Axon, plays a critical role in Sanofi's digital supply chain transformation.

The company is paving the way as a leader in innovation among pharma companies with its broad AI implementation, enhancing operational capabilities across various domains of the business. Sanofi's ambition is particularly pronounced in its supply chain strategy, in which AI is pivotal in "delivering miracles of science to patients."  

With greater efficiency, the company can redirect savings toward R&D and medicine development. Bluecrux's Axon plays a critical role in Sanofi's digital supply chain transformation.

Axon is a digital twin that integrates and harmonizes all Sanofi's data systems into ONE single digital value chain model. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of Sanofi's supply chain operations from start to finish. 

"The end-to-end visibility of our supply chain value stream has already helped us identifying large opportunities to improve inventory and process cycle times that will ultimately get our products to patients faster", says Leif Skibsted Jakobsen, Head of Digital Supply Chain Sanofi (pic). "We have put in place a structured process for implementing these opportunities and with Axon we are also able to validate the results."

"Axon is an important puzzle piece in supporting Sanofi's aims to create an E2E-connected, data driven and digitally accelerated supply chain", adds Valerie Vandenbroucke, VP for Axon Technology Bluecrux. "Although the use of the platform is already transformational, the journey has just begun, with many more breakthroughs on the horizon."

At the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium EMEA conference now on in Barcelona, Bluecrux have joined Sanofi in a special session that is delving into the transformative power of artificial intelligence in the realm of supply chain management. Valérie Vandenbroucke, VP of Bluecrux's Axon Technology, and Sanofi's Leif Skibsted Jakobsen are co-presenting.

During the session, attendees are gaining insights into how Sanofi has harnessed AI to meet and exceed its business objectives. It is exploring how Sanofi translated its vision into a practical roadmap and how AI can catalyse a true transformation in supply chain management, including helping the company become an E2E-connected, data-driven and digitally accelerated supply chain.