At Vinitaly, Bottega is launching Limoncino 0.0, an innovative non-alcoholic beverage in the No/Low Alcohol category.

Consumer interest in this product category is growing steadily in the major international markets, and in Italy, too, this particular niche is experiencing significant growth. Bottega, which boasts thirty years of experience in the production of lemon-based liqueurs, has, after long experimentation, created a non-alcoholic version of its Limoncino.

Specifically, during the harvest of the lemons, a careful selection is made of the Femminello Siracusano and Verdello varieties, choosing the fruits with the optimal ripeness. During processing, all the precious organoleptic charge of the original fruit is extracted from the peel, pulp and juice. Complex innovative techniques allow the natural extraction of the aromas and preserve their qualities at every stage of production right up to the finished product.

Limoncino 0.0 is excellent served neat at the end of a meal and ideal in the preparation of delicious mocktails. It goes very well with fresh fruit salads or in combination with lemon sorbet. Finally, it is a perfect ingredient for preparing lemon cheesecake.

Sandro Bottega, President of Bottega S.p.A. says: “With Limoncino 0.0 we extend the range of our No Alcohol products. This is a rapidly growing market that aims to meet the needs of those who, for health or religious reasons, do not consume alcoholic beverages or take a cautious approach to alcohol consumption."

The Bottega family, which has four centuries of history in the world of wine and grappa, founded the company of the same name, which is both a winery and a distillery. It is based in Bibano di Godega (TV), 50 km north of Venice, where it produces grappas, wines and liqueurs.

The grappas include fine selections of single varietals and barrique-aged spirits. Bottega's range of wines includes Prosecco, including the well-known Bottega Gold, and other sparkling wines with great personality.

In separate cellars in Valpolicella, Chianti and Montalcino, Amarone, Ripasso, Chianti Gallo Nero, Brunello di Montalcino and other great reds are produced. An extensive range of fruit and cream liqueurs completes Bottega's offer.

The company distributes its products in 165 countries worldwide. For many years, Bottega S.p.A. has made an unwavering commitment to sustainability, which has led to real and concrete results in reducing its impact on the environment and having positive impact on the society and the economy.