Astreet food restaurant which is a gastronomic odyssey that celebrates the bold, vibrant, and diverse flavours of India is located on Bennets Hill in the bustling heart of Birmingham, called BundoBust.

The word Bundobust by the way refers to some kind of arrangement or action taken to address the needs of a situation. In this case, without doubt, its the arrangement to fulfil the needs of lovers of Indian food and beer.

This culinary gem that beckons both locals and visitors alike, to let our taste buds experience some of the dishes on the menu which cater for lacto vegetarians – consumers of no meat, fish or eggs. However, do note that the restaurant’s menu offers a wonderful array of dishes which include the use of eggs and also some are gluten free so you can experience their Indo-Chinese Combo which is inspired by Kolkata’s Chinatown along with other dishes of our choice from their main menu.

Bundobust Birmingham, an offshoot of its famed Leeds counterpart, has quickly risen to prominence, captivating diners with its innovative take on Indian street food and craft beer. Initially, Bundobust Birmingham may appear modest from the outside.

However, upon entering, you’re enveloped by a burst of vibrant colors reminiscent of traditional Indian décor. The enticing aromas and lively sounds instantly transport you to the bustling streets of cities like Mumbai or Delhi.

The restaurant’s interior serves as a true embodiment of its philosophy, seamlessly merging modern design features with rustic allure. This is particularly evident in the walls, doors, and signage, crafting a welcoming yet dynamic atmosphere with the speakers playing an array of Bollywood and Punjabi songs in the background.

The environment mirrors the diverse fusion of cultures that define Indian cuisine, offering a perfect reflection of its vibrant essence. The menu at Bundobust Birmingham is a culinary discovery.

Distinctly inspired by the street food of India, every dish embodies an explosion of vibrant flavours, fragrant spices, and locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. So, whether you’re a regular foodie or a curious newcomer, there’s something on the menu to delight every palate.

And what better way to wash down all that delicious food than with a refreshing craft beer? BundoBust Birmingham boasts an impressive selection of craft beers from local breweries, each carefully curated to complement the bold flavours of the food.

From hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts, there’s a beer for every palate, making it the perfect accompaniment to your culinary journey. Bundobust really does take the concept of Indian street food to new heights, infusing traditional recipes with modern twists and bold flavours that do definitely tantalise the taste buds.

Each dish dictated flavours of its own right, showcasing the culinary skills of the chefs and the dedication to using the finest ingredients. From their Indo-Chinese Combo we tried the Chow Chow, Corn Ribs and Okra Fries.

The corn deep-fried until crispy and coated in a flavourful dressing made from gochujang, miso, tamarind, and five-spice, did entertain our taste buds nicely. The Chow Chow, a stir-fry, featuring a mix of rice, noodles, seasonal vegetables and a soy-based dressing, certainly oozed with distinct flavours and the mild kick at the end of the Desi chilli crisp was welcomed.

The Okra Fries which are crisp and golden-brown okra slices, delicately spiced and fried, are a signature dish at Bundobust and were great to munch ‘like chips or fries’ as we enjoyed the rest of our culinary experience. From the main menu were tried the Aloo & Dhal Kachori, Chole Saag and Tarkha Dhal. Along with some Bhaturas.

The Aloo & Dhal Kachori a mix of potato and sweet potato patties, fried to and filled with a zesty dhal mixture, accompanied by mint and tamarind sauces, garnished with crunchy mung beans on top, was a lovely dish to explore. The Chole Saag, a combination of chickpeas and spinach simmered in a flavourful blend of garam masala, onion, and ginger, Served with a puri was sumptuous and had delicious hints of that Punjabi taste from the North of India.

The Tarka Dhal with rice had the ‘tarka’ flavours of garlic on point. We certainly enjoyed this hearty lentil curry infused with aromatic cumin, garlic, and chili, accompanied by fragrant basmati rice. To accompany our food we opted for non-alcoholic cocktails.

A Nimbu Pani made with Indian Lemonade, spice and salt; and a Watermelon Magarita made from CleanCo 0% Tequila, watermelon mint and lime. The drinks were a wonderful accompaniment to the zesty flavoured food.

However, for beer and alcohol drinkers Bundobust is a place to definitely explore. It boasts a great selection of craft beers, wine, cider and cocktails. Beers include the Mango Lassi Dazzler Pale Ale (4.4%) and CHAITRO Nitro Chai Porter (5%).

Other popular dishes on the Bundobast Birmingham menu include:

  • Egg Bhurji– a sumptuous cumin and green chilli infused scrambled egg dish, with green peas and coriander. Served with a bhatura.
  • Pav Bhaji– a Mumbai street food classic. Smooth mashed vegetables cooked in a rich, fragrant tomato sauce, served with buttery toasted buns.
  • Paneer Tikka– a vegetarian delight made with succulent cubes of paneer marinated in a spicy yoghurt marinade, grilled and served with a lovely mint chutney.
  • Thali– a traditional Indian meal served on a platter. The Thali at BundoBust is a feast for the senses which comes as a classic Bundobust Thali or of Chef’s Special Thali. With an assortment of curries, dals, rice, bread, and pickles, each bite is a revelation, showcasing the depth and complexity of Indian cuisine.

The staff were welcoming, courteous and very accommodating to our dietary needs. They were knowledgeable and passionate about their menu and happy to guide us through any queries we had with genuine interaction.

So, if you are looking at exploring Indian street food with delightful flavours, Bundobust Birmingham is definitely a culinary destination you should head for. From its innovative menu to its warm hospitality, Bundobust offers a great foodie experience.