Gruppo Lunelli presents an innovative solidarity initiative in collaboration with Goodify, a digital platform pioneering the Giving Economy.

Starting from the beginning of March, with the opening of the year that sees Trento as the Italian and European Capital of Volunteering, Gruppo Lunelli will involve its stakeholders in the allocation of part of the donations given by the company. For the whole of 2024, the customers of Enoteca Lunelli, the Group's e-commerce site (in this first phase active only in Italy), and every couple visiting Ferrari winery will receive a coupon worth 5 euros.

By means of a special QR code, they will be able to access the Goodify platform and donate the 5 euros to their favourite non-profit organisation, to be selected from over 60,000 in the database. Those who prefer it, will be able to indicate one of the 4 organisations proposed, linked to as many themes, to be chosen from the following: environment, art and culture, humanitarian emergencies, children and adolescents.

Each donation will be managed in an absolutely transparent manner, allowing users who so wish to monitor the progress of their donations. "Gruppo Lunelli's goal is not only to offer an excellent experience to those who visit our wineries or purchase on our e-commerce, but also to contribute to creating a positive environmental and social impact," said Camilla Lunelli, Vice President of Ferrari Trento.

"The partnership with Goodify allows our guests and customers to combine the pleasure of purchasing and visiting with the opportunity to support a charitable cause close to their hearts, making them collaborators in our social commitment”. 

Paolo Plebani, founder and CEO of Goodify, said: “We are the pioneers of the Giving Economy. We believe in a world where generosity becomes the norm, not the exception. We believe that every individual has the power to make a difference, and our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to use it."

Established in 2017 in Bolzano with the goal of changing the world for the better by turning every action into a donation, Goodify is the first Italian Fintech for Good to make it easy and convenient for businesses to integrate an end-to-end donation to their favourite causes and non-profits into their customers' shopping experience. In the last 18 months it has generated over EUR 600,000 in donations, thanks to 55,000 unique users and has more than 14,000 non-profit beneficiaries.

The appreciation for this local start-up, which combines social aims, technology and innovation, led Gruppo Lunelli to invest in the company by acquiring about 3% of the shares in 2022. The initiative is part of the broader framework of Gruppo Lunelli's sustainability strategy and in particular the desire to also involve the company's main stakeholders more closely on this front.

This path was launched in 2020, involving employees in the choice of allocating part of the company's donations. A further step in the Group's virtuous path, faithful to an entrepreneurial vision that aims to generate well-being, safety and beauty for its employees and the community. 

Since the '80s, in the name of a strategy of diversification in the excellence of drinking, the Lunelli family has placed Ferrari Trento side by side to a grappa, Segnana, a mineral water, Surgiva and still wines from Tenute Lunelli. These branch out in Tuscan wines from Podernovo, Umbria wines from Castelbuono, Trento wines from Margon and a famous brand of Prosecco Superiore di Valdobbiadene DOCG, Bisol1542.

In 2021, Cedral Tassoni, well-known for its iconic citron soda, joined the group, carrying along its two hundred years of history. The Michelin-star restaurant, Locanda Margon, located at the gates of Trento, completes this overview.

The result is Lunelli Group, whose creations stand out as the expression of an exasperated research for quality and the enhancement of the most vacated Italian terroirs.