As COVID-19 cases continue to rise globally, 18º North findings look at the countries in the Caribbean recording the biggest weekly percentage increases in their coronavirus counts.

The percentage increases are not useful for comparing countries, but rather just to illustrate how each nation’s numbers have changed week-on-week.

The period covered for this analysis is as of 12:30PM EST on both days between March 26 and April 2, 2020. As a result, numbers updated later in the afternoon or evening of April 2 will not be reflected in the data.

Below are the findings….

Grenada, St. Maarten and Puerto Rico had the biggest weekly percentage increases in the number of reported positive COVID-19 cases, with jumps of 900% (from 1 to 10 cases), 500% (from 3 to 18), and 386% (from 65 to 316), respectively, during March 26 – April 2, 2020.

26 of the 43 countries or islands in our dataset have seen the number of cases this week double or more than double compared to last week.