As the country emerged as the first Sub-Saharan African country to make such cuts in its battle to combat coronavirus, the president of Ghana has announced that his government will pay people’s water bills for the next three months as the country continues it ceaseless fight against the deadly global crisis that is showing no immediate signs of coming to any full stop.

As the pandemic continues to take its hold on lives on people throughout the world, in the West African country, President Nana Akufo-Addo made a televised address to the nation where he said that his government has urged the country’s utility companies to ensure a reconnect any disconnected supplies.

Water-supply tankers have now been made available to provide water to the most vulnerable communities. It (Ghana) was also the first country in the region to cut interest rates to reduce its benchmark of 16% to an eight-year low of 14.5% - the first cut since January..

Meanwhile, Ghana’s health workers who are treating patients with coronavirus will receive a boost to their basic pay and all health workers will also be granted with a three month tax holiday.

In a resent account, the national figure there showed a total of 214 cases of people contracting the Covid-19 virus – with five deaths.