Premium meat and artisanal fine foods supplier, DukesHill, is proud to launch Japanese A5 grade wagyu sirloin and ribeye beef; representing the highest quality grade beef available worldwide.

While DukesHill is renowned for its artisanal approach to ham production, the introduction of Japanese A5 Grade wagyu underscores its commitment to sourcing and producing the finest food and drink. DukesHill's CEO, Mark Gallagher says: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of Japanese A5 grade wagyu beef at DukesHill.

“Famed the world over for being in a league of its own, wagyu beef represents the epitome of quality beef. With exceptional marbling, rich and creamy flavour and melt in the mouth tenderness, wagyu beef is a sought-after delicacy, loved by food enthusiasts and chefs worldwide.”

Japanese wagyu cows have been bred and selected for their predisposition to marbling, the distribution of intramuscular fat that creates its signature tenderness and rich buttery flavour. Beyond good genetics, Japanese wagyu cattle are reared to avoid any stress, to avoid overworking muscles. 

DukesHill's decision to offer A5 grade wagyu reflects its dedication to offering the finest examples of produce across its fine food range. In Japan, beef is graded by its marbling, shape, fat colour and meat colour, before being scored 1 for poor quality and 5 representing excellent quality.

The higher yield of quality meat (72% or higher) results in an A grade. As a royal warrant holder, DukesHill takes pride in sourcing welfare-assured meat from producers that uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship and authenticity.

Consumers are assured by transparency and traceability in every bite.