In an evolving travel landscape, family travel for winter 2024 is reflecting new priorities and behaviours.

According to a report by, holiday accommodation searches by families have increased by 8% compared to last year, indicating a robust interest in winter travel. Over half of families are motivated to travel by foods and destinations featured in their favourite TV shows and movies, highlighting the significant role of media in shaping travel plans.

Nearly half of families are planning to use AI tools for their travel arrangements.’s AI Travel Planner, now available in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, supports this trend by simplifying the travel planning process.

An emerging trend is the allocation of travel budgets for nannies. About 31% of families consider hiring a travel nanny, a preference that is notably higher in India, Hong Kong, and Thailand, where it exceeds 50%.

Comfort remains paramount, with 74% of families prioritizing air conditioning when booking accommodations. This reflects a significant concern for maintaining a comfortable environment during their stays. continues to lead in non-hotel accommodations, offering over 29 million listings across 220 countries and territories. This includes 7.4 million unique stays in homes, apartments, and other non-traditional accommodations, catering to the diverse needs of traveling families.

As families plan their winter getaways, they are increasingly influenced by media, adopting AI tools for convenience, seeking childcare options, and prioritizing comfort.’s extensive offerings and innovative planning tools position it well to meet these evolving preferences.