Charles Farris, the esteemed candle company with origins in Victorian-era London, is delighted to announce its much-anticipated modern relaunch.

The launch centres around three pivotal elements that are set to anchor the company firmly into a modern market.

  • The latest addition to their acclaimed scent collection, Portobello
  • Freshly branded products with 100% recyclable packaging
  • A newly designed website

A highlight of the relaunch is their latest scent, Portobello. Inspired by London's market road of the same name, Portobello hopes to capture the essence of a leisurely stroll through a romantic Victorian garden with notes of tart Raspberry and Rose.

"Our Scented Collection is the beating heart of Charles Farris", added Managing Director, Timothy Duggan-Rees. "So, it's always exciting when we get to show off the latest addition.

"We couldn't think of a better time to launch the new Portobello scent than alongside our relaunch, it is really reflective of our efforts in recent years." Founded in 1845, the firm began as a maker of beeswax church candles for prestigious institutions, supplying the likes of St Paul's Cathedral and Westminster.

"It wouldn't be a true modernisation without an eye on our efforts towards sustainability", Group Head of Marketing, Kamila Miller, noted. "This is why our entire collection going forward will come with freshly designed, 100% recycled packaging.

"Having grown out of the Industrial Revolution, Charles Farris has seen a lot of change, but none as significant as the need for environmental stewardship. It's a reminder to see where we can make real changes towards sustainability."

When discussing the launch of their website, Miller added: "We're so pleased with our new online home. It really brings that yesteryear charm with the more modern conveniences of today's online landscape.”

Charles Farris is one of Britain's oldest luxury candlemakers with roots in Victorian London. They offer a range of British-made luxury candles and reed diffusers using traditional crafting techniques. Their Scented Collection, inspired by 19th century England, includes British Expedition, Garden of Eden, and Elizabeth.