Graffiti Spirits, widely regarded in Liverpool as prime innovators behind Liverpool's progressive new cocktail and independent eating out scene, has revealed that Santa Maluco will open at the end of this month. Director Matthew Farrell, one of the partners behind the fiercely independent group who already operate city centre bars Santa Chupitos, El Bandito, Salt Dog Slims, 81 Ltd and their 'smokehouse and cocktails' venue Slim's Pork Chop Express said guests can expect the team to bring a touch of Brazilian Rodizio to their Neapolitan pizza joint. 

"The Rodizio bit is the social way in which the food is served...waiters roaming the floor with pieces you can buy by the slice. The pizzas are 100% twenty inch Southern Italian, thin crust wood-fired beauties!” 

He added: "We also know from feedback amongst our target audience that the business district is crying out for what we've been offering guests on the L1 circuit."

Given some of the street art inside including a mural inspired by the partners, early hints suggest Santa Maluco is just what the business district needed to give it broader appeal to those looking for a different kind of (strongly independent) vibe.