A staggering 91% of Brits now claim that mealtimes have become an essential family occasion during lockdown, and they’re loving it!

Half of British households (49.2%) confess that family mealtimes were either rare (39%) or never happened (10%) before lockdown according to new research.

The research, conducted by pizza brand Chicago Town, polled 4,227 households across the UK in May 2020 and shows how families have been brought together by the global pandemic; some positive news against the backdrop of worrying times.

As well as eating together at mealtimes, households are playing together too – with family and friends games’ nights, using popular video chat platforms, now high on the agenda.

Over three-quarters (77%) of UK families are now playing games regularly together since lockdown began with 41% dialing-in players to get around social distancing.

Almost a quarter (23%) of families claim gameplay is a totally new pastime for them, admitting to never having played as family previously. And they’re taking part in regular scheduled games’ nights (25%) playing board games, video games or games.

The research also revealed the top 5 most popular lockdown meal choices for a family games night or an evening in front of the TV:

1. Pizza (45%)
2. Chinese (21%)
3. Curry (15%)
4. Pasta (10%)
5. Fish & Chips (9%)

Rachel Bradshaw at Chicago Town said: “It is great to hear that so many families are making the most of mealtimes together since the start of lockdown – a positive takeaway from the restrictions. And what better way to bond than over a gooey, messy pizza and games night!

“We’re delighted, of course, that pizza is at the centre of many of these family occasions and we’re looking forward to seeing this trend of virtual extended family get-togethers continue way beyond lockdown.”