Maxterial, a technology company dedicated to pioneering advancements in material science including the commercialization of advanced coatings, has announced the successful closure of its Series A funding round, raising nearly $8 million.

This milestone underscores Maxterial's rising influence in disruptive material science technologies and its commitment to reshaping traditional industry norms with dynamic and environmentally responsible solutions. Led by CEO Dr. Mehdi Kargar (pic) and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Amy Haghdoost, Maxterial has pioneered material science advancements for nearly a decade.

The company's lean approach to reaching the product-growth fit stage has garnered widespread acclaim, attracting a range of customers and influential investors, including Peter Thiel's Breakout Labs, Pierre Omidyar's UP2398, and corporate innovation leaders like Saint-Gobain and Anglo American. The Series A funding round, led by Helios Climate Ventures, with participation from global corporation QEMETICA (formerly Ciech), solidifies Maxterial's position as a leader in climate-conscious innovation.

This capital enables Maxterial to accelerate its R&D efforts, including large-scale trials, expand its products, and scale operations in North America and Europe. "We are thrilled to have secured nearly $11 million to date in equity financing, which reflects the confidence investors have in our vision, our unique go-to-market strategies, and the transformative potential of our technology," said Dr. Mehdi Kargar, CEO of Maxterial.

"This scalable platform fits many markets in urgent need of dynamic, sustainable solutions. Series A funding enables us to drive transformational growth across multiple industries." Maxterial replaces environmentally harmful and energy-inefficient processes using Hexavalent Hard Chrome (H-Chrome) with a superior solution that is safe, environmentally friendly, and cost effective at a time when material science startups have struggled to attract investment.

The company breaks those cycles by delivering unique synergies that integrate the needs of investors, customers, supply chains, and industry experts with a product and service model that delivers exceptional performance, accelerates change and mitigates risk. Maxterial has already gained significant initial traction.

Ongoing trials in Europe and North America are attracting early adopters eager for cutting-edge solutions. By prioritizing sustainability, performance, and scalability, Maxterial can protect against wear, heat, and corrosion, reduce carbon footprint, and eliminate toxic materials like hexavalent chromium.

"We set out to create a company that delivers exceptional technology and exceptional returns," notes Dr. Kargar. "As we accelerate our implementation, we want to share our insights and expertise with fellow entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and investors interested in driving positive change."