With International Coffee Day today, Melbourne, Australia, is proudly taking centre stage as the birthplace of one of the world’s favourite coffees – the iconic flat white – and the new kid on the block that is shaking up Melbourne’s coffee scene: the trendy Magic Coffee.

Not many cities take their coffee as seriously as Melbourne does. Here, coffee is not just a beverage but a way of life – and Melburnians will be celebrating International Coffee Day with their usual dose of caffeine hit.

Melbourne, often referred to as the “coffee capital of the world,” holds a special place in the hearts of coffee aficionados for giving birth to the beloved flat white. This creamy espresso-based concoction, a blend of micro-foamed milk poured over a shot of espresso, has become a global sensation. Originally crafted in the 1980s in Melbourne’s trendy cafés, the flat white has since taken the world by storm and is now present in most UK coffee shops.

Magic Coffee is the next big thing. This 6oz coffee is made with a double ristretto and topped with velvety steamed milk; it has a bold not bitter flavour and is known to have the ‘magic’ ratio of coffee to milk by Melbourne baristas. The coffee has become so popular in Melbourne that the M&S Café decided to introduce Magic Coffee to the UK High Street in January 2023, and sells it exclusively in their 330 Cafés.

Melburnians are renowned for their discerning taste when it comes to coffee. The city’s residents have an unwavering commitment to quality, and they take their coffee seriously. Melburnian’s real caffeine kick came with the immigration boom of World War II, when Italians brought espresso coffee, and with it, a cafe culture of cosmopolitan cool that can still be experienced in the city’s famous laneways.

To pay tribute to International Coffee Day, these are Melbourne’s top 10 coffee destinations that visitors should try on their next visit to the city:

  1. Axil Coffee Roasters (CBD): Axil is known for its exceptional espresso and single-origin coffee. They take pride in sourcing and roasting some of the finest beans.
  2. Market Lane Coffee (East End): Market Lane is a pioneer in Melbourne’s specialty coffee scene, focusing on quality and sustainability. They offer a rotating selection of single-origin coffees.
  3. Ali (South Melbourne): St. Ali is famous for its innovative coffee creations and a welcoming atmosphere. They are committed to pushing the boundaries of coffee flavour.
  4. Proud Mary (Collingwood): Proud Mary is renowned for its passion for quality coffee and ethical sourcing. They serve delicious brunch items alongside their outstanding coffee.
  5. Industry Beans (CBD): A café, roaster, and brew bar rolled into one, Industry Beans is known for its cutting-edge approach to coffee and creative coffee-based drinks.
  6. Seven Seeds (Carlton): Seven Seeds is a beloved institution in Melbourne’s coffee scene, offering an array of single-origin coffees and a cosy café atmosphere.
  7. Dukes Coffee Roasters (CBD): Dukes Coffee Roasters is dedicated to sourcing and roasting exceptional beans with precision and consistency.
  8. Auction Rooms (North Melbourne): Auction Rooms is famous for its unique coffee blends and delectable brunch menu. The café is set in a stunning industrial space.
  9. Code Black Coffee (Brunswick): Code Black Coffee is known for its handmade coffee served in a sleek and modern industrial setting.
  10. Higher Ground (CBD): Housed in a heritage-listed building, Higher Ground is known for its stunning café space and an extensive coffee menu to match.