Netradyne, a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning-based solutions for driver and fleet safety, has been honoured with the prestigious FICCI Road Safety 2022 Award in the category of ‘Product and Services in Road Safety by Corporates’. This distinguished recognition is a testament to Netradyne’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance driver behaviour and mitigate road accidents.

The FICCI Road Safety Awards, organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), recognize companies that demonstrate outstanding contributions in the field of road safety. The esteemed jury selected Netradyne for its revolutionary AI and ML-based IoT solution, which significantly impacts driver behavior—a major contributing factor to road accidents.

Avneesh Agrawal, CEO of Netradyne, said: “We are honoured to be working with several businesses in India and other countries to improve fleet operations and on-road driving behaviour, thereby contributing to reducing fatalities. With the vast amount of driving data, our AI algorithms offer more than 90% precision and accuracy level. 

We extend our gratitude to the FICCI for this prestigious recognition and our customers for their trust in our solutions. This recognition further validates our commitment to innovation, and we are proud to contribute to the efforts aimed at creating safer roads for all.”

Netradyne’s cutting-edge technology is implemented in organisations across sectors, including oil & gas, FMCG, hazardous and valuable goods transportation, logistics providers, and more. By adopting Netradyne’s vision-based technology, organizations have achieved remarkable results, such as a 50% reduction in road accidents and over 90% decrease in distracted driving incidents, while excelling in other performance indicators.