A Norfolk couple have launched an ultra-premium vodka that is set to shake up the spirits market. Forget ice, orange juice or Coke. Wild Knight® Ultra-Premium English vodka is so pure that masking the flavour with mixers would be a crime. Aimed at the discerning drinker and pitting itself against the very best spirits on the market, a sip of Wild Knight will change your opinion of vodka forever.

Single-distilled and hand-crafted using Norfolk barley, Wild Knight® Ultra-Premium English vodka is so smooth and pure that it doesn't even need chilling. Best sipped neat at room temperature to truly appreciate the characterful flavour, with delicate notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut and black pepper.

The UK is seriously behind when it comes to appreciating the true beauty of an ultra-premium vodka, but Wild Knight is aiming to reignite the nation's love affair with this staple spirit and prove that it's more than just a mixer.

“English vodka is still very much in its infancy. We want to change peoples' perception of vodka and help them to appreciate a skilfully produced vodka, which can be enjoyed in the same way as a premium whisky or gin,” says Matt Brown, co-founder of Wild Knight.