New research from the Centre for Retail Research (CRR) and has revealed the ever increasing role of mobile in the customer shopping journey, and the implication of this for brands and marketers.

While 89% of all online retail purchases are still made on PC, smartphones and tablets are now used for one-third of purposes in the purchase journey, with 20% of consumers shopping on their smartphones regularly and 14% using this as their primary shopping device.

Key mobile research highlights

  •     Mobile in-transit key opportunity: 16% of consumers researching and browsing on commute home
  •     Intent to spend increases for those shoppers en-route to the high street
  •    Two in five shoppers (40%) had used their mobile phones for shopping purposes whilst in physical stores in the last three months
  •     Improved mobile offerings also stand to benefit eCommerce sales overall. Those comfortable using their smartphone as part of their shopping journey make 4.5 more online transactions and spending £238.56 more in a three month period (£668.82 compared to £430.26) than non-mobile shoppers