Pensioners in the UK will soon be receiving an inflation-busting rise in excess of £350-per-week any time soon.


It means that for people who become entitled to a full New State Pension, once they have reached the state pension age, then they will get weekly payments of £160.60, which will rise to a sum of £1175.20.


For people who reached pensionable age before then and are receiving the full Basic State Pension will get £1304.25 – which is up from £129.20.


There are also some pensioners who will also receive a state-earning related pension.


Steven Campbell, a representative for retirement specialist Aegon said: “If so many people, including people of pensionable age, facing so many financial difficulties in covering basic expenses any extra is a help.


“The inflation-busting increase will offer those of a pensionable age some much-needed good news”.


The increase will most likely ignite controversy over the costs of the triple policy – which guarantees that the basic state pension will rise by a minimum of either 2.5% - the rate of inflation – or average earnings growth.


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