Revealed: The UK’s Greenest Cities

Revealed: The UK’s Greenest Cities


Birmingham has come out on top in a new study conducted by Jury’s Inn to find the UK’s greenest cities.

According to their research, Birmingham is the greenest city in the UK with 15.58% of the city being made up of green space, narrowly beating Nottingham’s 15.34% of green space.

Glasgow came in third place with 13.49% and Manchester came in at number four with 13.13%. Liverpool rounds out the Top 5 with 12.79% of green space. Perhaps unsurprisingly, London came dead last with a shocking 1.20% of the city being made up of green space.

Jury’s Inn took their research a little further and decided to compile another list that also takes the population of each city in to account. In this new table, Birmingham drops from first place to sixth place, with an average of 273 people per 1m2 of green space. Newcastle upon Tyne takes the top spot with an average of just 83 people per 1m2.

Cambridge came second, with 133 people per 1m2, with Edinburgh (200 people), Leeds (217 people) and Salford (272 people) rounding out the Top 5.

Once again, London came in last place with an average of 2,701 residents per 1m2 of green space. However, when Jury’s Inn also took in to account the people who work in London on a day-to-day basis but don’t actually live there – approximately 300,000 people – things get even more crowded, with an outrageous 88,908 people for every 1m2 of green space. Good luck finding a nice grassy spot to sit and enjoy your lunch on! Oh, and romantic picnics are absolutely out of the question!

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