Rounders England launches fest for West Midlands

Rounders England launches fest for West Midlands


14th March 2019 – Rounders England has today launched Roundersfest, a series of standalone open competitions for local teams that play in local leagues or for new teams formed by groups of friends.

The events are aimed at broadening social circles and creating a fun way to keep active, while fostering team spirit and creating a sense of competition amongst teams.

Dan Newton at Rounders England said: “The programme that we have developed is one which has two strands around team spirit and winning and the social and fun aspects of Rounders to complement the cross-generational, cross-gender game that embraces all abilities. You don’t have to be the fittest, the youngest or the most athletic. You just have to go out and play.”

“The competitive nature of Rounders and the people with a real passion for the game are the ingredient in its success. Rounders provides opportunities for people to take it seriously, compete to win and instil team spirit.”



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