We caught up with Lovedale Harrison, Choir Director for the Sister Act Live Choir ahead of the show on Saturday to find out a bit more about the spectacle!

Sister Act has a great following, and obviously some amazing performances. What is your favourite song from the show?

My favourite song is “I Will Follow Him” I love everything about it. The lyrics, melody, harmonies… it has all the feels.

What can people expect of the show?

A great film and enjoyable performances! The film in itself is fantastic, it has a great cast, storyline, and message. But, the music is what really makes Sister Act so special. So, to be able to experience the songs live is extra special and to be able to sing along and dance with lots of other Sister Act fans makes for a great experience.


You’ve got a special guest performance by Gospel Singers Incognito, how has it been working with another choir?

It has been an amazing experience. Gospel Singers Incognito are a great addition to the show. I love listening to them while we wait to go on stage! They help us to get pumped for the show. It also helps that they are really nice people.


How did you get into Choir Direction?

I have sung in choirs my whole life and have always had fantastic choir directors.  I attended University of Roehampton and really wanted to join a Gospel Choir, but they didn’t have one, so I figured I’d just start my own one. I drew from my experience of being in choirs, as well as what I had seen from my previous choir directors, and I was fortunate enough to have 30+ amazing singers that were patient with me. Almost 10 years later now and I’m so glad that I took that leap of faith.


Any words of advice for someone looking to get involved in a choir or further their musical journey?

My advice would be, just get involved! Find out where anything musical is happening in your local areas and join in. Don’t be afraid, just go for it. Local choirs are particularly a great place to start,as you can learn so much about yourself and about music as a whole.