Spring is traditionally a good time to sell your property, and with more properties coming to the market, here are a few simple improvements that can be made to increase the changes of a successful move.  Whether it’s with price or presentation, Lucy Blythe of Savills residential in the West Midlands gives us her dos and don’ts for selling at this time of year.

Preparing the house for sale is essential. There is no need to redecorate throughout, a new buyer would do that, but you need to show the house has been well maintained.

Identify the purpose of all the rooms and show off what they could be. If you have a spare bedroom that’s currently used for storage, sort through it and ensure your buyers see it presented as a bedroom. This will add to perceived space and usability for your home.

Keep your home warm. Homeowners with working fireplaces and ranges can really show them off to good effect at this time of year, we can be sure that a warm and welcoming home that’s as loved outside as it is in, will help with a quicker sale.

Think about the outside as well as inside. Ensure grass is cut and the garden well kept; pathways and driveways should be cleared and freshly gravelled; gutters and drains need to be clean and running freely. This creates a favourable first and last impression.

Use garden furniture wisely. Although you may be thinking about putting away tables, chairs and benches, if you are selling your home it’s worth leaving them outside so that buyers can see the space in action. If you do this, though, make sure you keep them scrubbed and clean.

When it comes to viewings, don’t go over the top with fresh coffee and baking bread, but do make sure the house is de-cluttered. However, remember it is still a home to be lived in.

Choose your agent wisely, don’t just go for the highest valuation and the lowest fee – it may not necessarily be the best or right one. It is important that you get on with your agent and that they can demonstrate good market knowledge and a proven track record in selling similar houses.