FYC – the British brand for mixed-textured hair – is looking for a face (or faces!) of the brand, in partnership with BOSS Model Management and DJ/presenter Dev Griffin. The search coincides with the brand’s first birthday, having launched in September 2020.

FYC celebrates all of the beauty of being mixed-heritage Afro-European, whatever the gender, whatever the age. As such, the search is open to ALL mixed-heritage people with fabulous curls, a great look and personality to match!

Host of the search, Dev Griffin, said: “I’m proud to be mixed-heritage, and together with FYC and BOSS Model Management, we’re looking for others who are proud and love being who they are. The search is as much about attitude as it is about good looks…. And, of course, good hair too!”

Robert Binns, co-Founder of FYC, commented: “Since the day we launched, we’ve had customers sending us pictures of the amazing results they get with our products, and that inspired us.

“We want real people with real results to represent FYC. We’re looking for someone who’s fun, natural, engaging and, of course, they need to have great mixed-textured curls.”

The winner(s) will be crowned as the face and hair of FYC, get a year’s supply of FYC for themselves and their family, a photoshoot with a top photographer and the chance to be represented by BOSS Model Management.

Lauren Mellor, New Faces Director at BOSS Model Management, added; “We are super excited to be teaming up with FYC to find the Face Of the brand.

“At BOSS Model Management, we pride ourselves on working with some of the most diverse and unique talent around and are always looking for the next big thing. For FYC, we're looking for natural candidates, with great mixed-textured hair and an even better attitude. We can't wait to see who's up for the challenge.”

Candidates are invited to submit a photograph or short video that shows off their hair and personality. Entries should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by December 31st.

The winner (or winners!) will be crowned in Spring 2022. Full details and terms can be found on the FYC website.