Students Trade Convenience for Cost Savings When Travelling

Students Trade Convenience for Cost Savings When Travelling


A new survey has revealed 65 per cent of students would take a flight with one or more stops to save money when direct or non-stop options are available, while 60 per cent of students polled would fly to a less convenient airport to save money.

The findings, from StudentUniverse, the world’s leading travel booking service for students and youth’s inaugural student travel survey, also revealed students are willing to forego convenience for relatively modest savings; 71 per cent would do so for savings of around £40-£80 ($50-$100). This may be largely driven by the fact that students (64 per cent according to our survey respondents) are paying for their travel themselves. Price is the primary concern for more than 90 per cent of students when booking travel.

Rebecca Heidgerd, StudentUniverse’s Director of Marketing, said: “Students look for cost savings opportunities, but they don’t just book the cheapest flight full stop. Many students look at a number of other factors, including connection time, airline reputation/reviews and baggage fees. More than ever, educated travellers are looking closely at exactly what they will be getting for their money and expect full transparency around their flight prior to booking.”

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