Saturday December 19 is set to be the most hungover day of the Christmas party season, as research has revealed that Friday December 18 will be the evening that Brits are planning to participate in virtual Christmas drinks via video call (49%) or meet up with friends outside for a festive tipple (59%). 

Subway are anticipating a boom in brunch and lunch deliveries this Saturday and are expecting to stock up on coffee and working double-time to meet the rush of delivery orders to help those of us with fuzzy-heads to fix. 

The new study by Subway polled 2,000 British adults and pinpoints tomorrow (Friday December 18) as the most popular day for virtual office Christmas parties and festive pre-Christmas get-togethers with friends outdoors, meaning that a large proportion of Brits are set to wake up with sore heads on 19th. 65% of Brits are planning on super-charging their pre-Christmas celebrations, admitting they will be consuming more festive tipples than ever before. 

Menu items Subway expects Brits to be ordering on Saturday December 19 include the Mega Meat Sub and Meatball Marinara Sub as sore-headed Brits look to soak up their Christmas drinks with a savoury sandwich fix. Vegetarians and vegans alike also admitted to craving food that was hot and filling the morning after, with over a third of vegetarians (38%) ordering meals covered in melted cheese, followed by toasted sandwiches (30%).

Whilst majority of Brits look to feel better with hot and meaty food items, a third of Brits (36%) confessed to craving something light and fresh to help rid them of their hangover guilt, though the first thing 40% of us reach for is a coffee for that morning caffeine fix. 

Over half (55%) of Brits also admit to planning their next-day hangover meals and snacks the night before to prepare themselves, with a bacon roll (40%) and hash browns (30%) named as the top food items that eases hangover pains, followed by sandwiches with melted cheese (24%) and sweet treats like chocolate (19%) and cookies (16%). 

The research also revealed that 72% of us prefer being in complete silence the morning after, with three quarters (75%) of Brits confessing they would order a takeaway to soak up their hangover, rather than visiting a store or restaurant as they find it too loud and busy. 

Subway also revealed its top selling Subs this time last year, stating hungry Brits were soaking up their 2019 hangovers with the Italian B.M.T., Steak & Cheese, Chicken Tikka, Tuna and Meatball Marinara Subs. 

Angelina Gosal, Head of Marketing UK & Ireland at Subway said: We want to be there to help guests suffering on Christmas Struggle Street this ‘Shattered Saturday’ - available for delivery straight to your door, to enjoy in the quiet of your own home, our fully customisable range of subs, wraps and salads means you can pick exactly what you’re craving! From comforting carbs to healthier options, Subway’s extensive range will satisfy everyone’s needs”. 

In response to the findings, Subway is launching a ‘Shattered Saturday SOS’ (Send Out Subs) campaign where, from 15th December, Brits planning for a ‘Shattered Saturday’ can share how they plan to be spending the day via social media, to be in with the chance of receiving a Sub delivery by using the hashtag #sendoutsubs.  

The best Shattered Saturday SOS calls are set to be rewarded with a free fresh and delicious Sub delivery through one of Subway’s three delivery partners - Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats. Subway are choosing people at random, so you can join the #SendOutSubs conversation by visiting Subway’s Twitter channel (@SubwayUK).