Swoop, a fintech company specialising in funding solutions and Sage, the leader in accounting, financial, HR, and payroll technology, are excited to announce their global partnership aimed at helping businesses and accountants access a wide range of funding opportunities.

The partnership will also help identify opportunities to reduce business costs in areas such as energy, banking and foreign exchange, providing a significant impact on the bottom line. By integrating their Sage accounting software once, businesses can identify more accurate funding opportunities, streamline the funding process, unlock business savings, and benefit from tools such as cash flow forecasting.

In today's dynamic economic landscape, businesses often face challenges in securing the financial capital they need to grow and thrive. Research conducted by the Sage Foundation has highlighted that the lack of financial resources remains one of the most significant obstacles businesses encounter on their journey to success. 

Recognising the importance of overcoming this challenge, Swoop and Sage have joined forces to simplify and expedite the process of accessing vital funding for businesses and their trusted advisors. This innovative partnership will enable advisors and businesses around the world to effortlessly explore and tap into various funding options that suit their unique needs. 

In a groundbreaking first step, underserved, black female founders in Atlanta are among the first to benefit from the partnership with Swoop and Sage's involvement in the BOSS Network. This comes in response to a Sage report revealing systemic barriers hindering their access to capital and resources essential for achieving sustainable growth. 

Navigating the complex landscape of funding opportunities can be daunting for businesses. The partnership aims to bridge this gap by providing a user-friendly platform that connects businesses and accountants with the financial resources they require.

The global partnership brings a wide range of funding opportunities for businesses, including grants, loans, and equity investments, whilst streamlining the application and approval process. Trusted advisors, such as accountants and financial professionals, will also benefit from this partnership, gaining the tools and resources to guide their clients effectively through their funding journeys.

"In a world full of fluctuations, with inflation and interest rates on the rise, businesses are facing unprecedented challenges, so it is important to make business finance more accessible and less daunting," said Chip Mahan, Global Commercial Head, Fintech, Payments & Banking at Sage. 

"This partnership with Swoop aligns perfectly with our mission and will make accessing essential financial capital quick and easy, ensuring businesses have the support they need to succeed." Andrea Reynolds, CEO of Swoop, echoed these sentiments, stating: "We are thrilled to partner with Sage to bring our funding expertise to businesses and advisors worldwide.

“Together, we will simplify the path to financial empowerment for businesses of all sizes."

Tánaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ireland, Micheál Martin, said: "I am delighted to acknowledge both Swoop and Sage in the development of an effective funding platform for the small and medium enterprise sector.

“The innovative combination of the advanced technology platform of Swoop combined with Sage's globally recognised cloud-based accounting software will provide great assistance to company leaders as they look to funding options." The partnership marks a significant step towards levelling the playing field for businesses and underscores their importance in driving global economic growth.

With this collaboration, the future looks brighter for entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide.