A Thai artist who mixes Western and traditional Eastern imagery has been selected to display his artwork as part of a UK exhibition recognising new talent. Thailand born Tuschara Kiewpukdee who graduated from Birmingham School of Art, part of the Birmingham City University, was one of 31 emerging artists in the West Midlands region chosen to display their work at art galleries and heritage sites.

The New Art West Midlands exhibition, which is open now and runs until May 14, is an annual show which gives art graduates the opportunity to display their work in high profile spaces. His work blends cultures, styles and ethnicities to represent the increasing globalisation of modern society and connection of the digital world.

Included in the images is a picture of the Birmingham School of Art building represented in traditional Eastern style and littered with famous western characters including Micky Mouse, Tintin, Super Mario and the Simpsons character Krusty the Clown.

Over 180 applications were received and Tuschara’s work will now be displayed at Wolverhampton Art Gallery throughout the show period.

New Art West Midlands is now in its fifth year of showcasing selected pieces from artists trained at art schools in Birmingham, the Black Country, Coventry, Hereford and Worcester.

Tuschara Kiewpukdee said: “I thank Birmingham City University for many doors that they have opened and the targets they set for their graduates, giving us opportunities to achieve after we have finished our courses. 

“New Art West Midlands is also an art and artist meeting, where we are given more experience and the chance to see artists from different universities in order to develop future artwork, something I am now doing with my Master’s Degree at the University. 

“I have offered the School of Art painting to the University so it can be displayed in the School of art or on the campus. The painting was always meant for the School of Art and to help inspire a new generation of students.”

The other galleries which are taking part in New Art West Midlands are Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, MAC Birmingham and Worcester Museum.

Candidates were selected by an expert panel made up of Jason E Bowman, artist curator and lecturer at University of Gothenburg, curator and writer Angela Kingston and Birmingham-based artist Barbara Walker.