Dog owners who love to bond with their dogs and make them tasty homemade treats are invited to take part in the Great Doggy Bake Off competition. Inspired by Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off dog owners are being urged to create delicious doggy treats for their four legged friends.

Organised by doggy travel platform Dog Furiendly, the virtual competition inspires hundreds of dog owners across the UK to bake homemade treats for their furry best friends. 


Adele Pember, Founder of Dog Furiendly said: “If anyone deserves homemade treats, it's our canine companions! The Great Doggy Bake Off, is now in its third year and it brings a woof-load of glorious fun year after year. Every challenge provides a perfect slice of escapism, but also helps dog owners to foster that special bond. After all, the way to a dog’s heart is usually through their stomach. We can’t wait to see the bakers channel their inner Paul Hollywoof.”

The Great Doggy Bake Off starts on Tuesday 9th November following the Nation’s favourite TV show. 

Bakers will take part in weekly recipe challenges shared on the platform’s social media channels every Tuesday. Dog owners will submit their attempts by posting photos on social media using #greatdoggybakeoff. 

Just like the TV show, one successful baker will win the coveted title of Star Barker, and some tasty treats to go alongside it.

All recipes are certified to be both safe and tasty for dogs after collaboration with dog bakery Doggy Desserts, pet insurance company Animal Friends and pet food company Burns Pet Nutrition.

Last year, Sandia Scott and her mini dachshund Poppy (@justapoppy on Instagram) were announced as the Great Doggy Bake Off Champions. Sandia Scott loved taking part and baking lots of treats for Poppy. Sandia said:

“‘It was the perfect way to combine my love of baking and taking creative photos of Poppy. One of my favourite parts of the competition was seeing all the other cakes/creations which pushed me to be even more adventurous with the bakes. Poppy enjoyed every single moment of it - mainly because she got to eat loads of delicious treats!”

The competition closes 14th December when one show-stopping baker will be crowned the Great Doggy Bake Off champion winning a heap of Christmas prizes including a full party pack.

Westley Pearson, Chief Executive Officer, Animal Friends Insurance, said: “If anyone in the family deserves some delicious treats, it’s our dogs. As with the Great British Bake Off, there can only be one annual Great Doggy Bake Off champion - but every dog that takes part will be a winner and will thoroughly enjoy devouring the delicious vet-approved Dog Furiendly recipes each week. The oven gloves are now off in this ultimate baking battle.”

Dog owners and budding bakers can sign up for this year's Great Doggy Bake Off at