Brand new data from eBay reveals that one in five people across the Midlands thought a zombie apocalypse was more likely than Leicester City’s historic Premier League title win. With a new TV zombie advert launching this month, the online shopping destination conducted a study across the Midlands and unveils the findings of the ultimate survival plan for a full-blown invasion.

The study confirms the first item we would reach for in the event of a zombie invasion: our smartphones. Survival instincts would kick in across the Midlands, as a quarter would save their mobile above any other item. The second most saved possession would be trainers - for a speedy getaway.
It also seems that larger cities and towns are the preferred places to hideout as the data revealed the Midlands locations best equipped to survive an attack from the un-dead. Birmingham landed in top spot, followed by Nottingham, Leicester, Warwick and Wolverhampton. Unfortunately, the end is nigh for Solihull, Northampton and Lincoln, being dubbed the least equipped. 
It turns out resourceful residents are more than a match for the undead with many of us when asked, turning to sporting heroes to protect us. Leicester City hero Jamie Vardy was in the top three players you’d want on your team when facing the walking dead. England football captain Wayne Rooney is first choice for the resistance against invasion, with Peter Crouch second, proving height is just as handy. Despite their incredible victory, Leicester City was beaten to the post by Man United – as the sports team best equipped team to survive the apocalypse.
The eBay survey illustrates the creative ways locals would make their escape:
·       Transport is critical in fleeing zombie hordes – and most would certainly travel in style. 40 percent choosing to splurge on a boat or top of the range sports car 
·       A sturdy sofa would take on new importance, almost a quarter of Midlands respondents would use it to barricade their front door
·       And a stash of golf balls was second on the list as a way to keep the zombies at bay, whilst practising that swing
·       The next thing we would grab as we plan our escape? A wise 16% would select an encyclopaedia to help them re-establish civilisation when the apocalypse blows over 
So what do people in the Midlands think is the most likely cause of a zombie apocalypse, could it be our unpredictable weather? Most of us think it’s due to a rapid decrease in brain activity, caused by watching too many reality TV shows! 
And how long would we last, in the aftermath? A fifth of Midlands respondents reckon less than a week, while a further (more confident) 20 percent think they’d survive over a year.