Inspired by several local Warwick and Coventry community groups, The Roadless Trip by Sarah Woods comes to Warwick Arts Centre on Wednesday 3 February 2016.The Roadless Trip debuts an exciting and unique mother and daughter performance of Sarah and Lil Woods alongside filmed interview footage from local people across five regions of the UK. The production conveys that amongst the chaos of modern life there is an opportunity to imagine a positive future for us all, asking the public directly ‘What would you take into the future?’

For Sarah and her teenage daughter Lil, imagining the future was tough. With climate change, the recession, the rise in food banks and zombie apocalypses, it all seemed pretty bleak. So in the spring of 2015, together with their production manager John, they travelled the breadth of the UK to ask a host of other people, from various communities and associations, what their vision of the future is and establishe that between us we can perhaps make things better.

The play features interviews spanning five counties, 20 different community groups and one epic journey on the M6 in an old ambulance called The Tripper. The Roadless Trip centres on the special journey between mother and daughter and the eclectic mix of people they meet along the way. Using a mix of performance, film and Saturday night style gameshow games, The Roadless Trip is a piece of theatre that promises to lift spirits, inspire and help us feel positive about the future.

In and around Warwick Sarah and the team met people from Coventry Central Library, The Gap Community Centre, the Mata Sundri Ji Knitting Group and the Coventry Refugee Centre, all of whom feature in the final show speaking about their personal aspiations for the future.