World food experts Tropical Sun Foods are partnering with their suppliers USA Rice, representing America’s rice growers, to present National Rice Week 2020, which runs from 14-20 September, highlighting rice’s vital place at the centre of many world cuisines. (see link:


Tropical Sun’s flagship product for National Rice Week 2020 is their bestselling Tropical Sun USA Easy cook Rice. This is a pre-fluffed Easy cook long grain rice, available in retail and bulk packs and used in dishes from South Asia, West Africa, the Caribbean, around the world, as well as European favourites and vegetarian and plant-based meals.


Tropical Sun National Rice Week


Tropical Sun is also teaming up with USA Rice to host a special event to celebrate National Rice Week 2020 at parent company world foods wholesaler Wanis International Foods in Golden Business Park, Orient Way, Leyton, East London on Thursday 17th September. The event will be attended by the Indian Minister of Trade and former mayors from Tropical Sun’s neighbouring local councils, Enfield, Barking and Dagenham.


The event will involve guests tasting dishes served with Tropical Sun USA Easy cook rice, cooked on the day by Tropical Sun’s expert chefs. All the government guidelines of social distancing is followed at Wanis, so guests will be in good hands.


Showing the diversity of cuisines that can be created with Tropical Sun USA Easy cook rice, the dishes will include Pilau Rice from South Asia, Jollof Rice from Nigeria and Rice & Peas from Jamaica.


Authenticity is key. Tropical Sun Foods’ bestselling lines consist of 440 products, of which 35 being made in Jamaica, including Ackee, Callaloo Jerk seasoning to name but just a few. Confirming the outstanding quality, the company has won 26 Great Taste Awards, 7 of those for products in the Jamaican range.


Tropical Sun Foods’ community brand ambassador Paul Harrison says: “Food plays a major role in our business and food plays a major role in bringing family and friends together, which we are all very thankful to be a part of.

“This year’s National Rice Week is especially important because of the need to preserve and pass on the legacy of rice dishes from different cultures around the world. These are currently enjoyed in the UK but could be lost within a generation as the British born second generation of young people from South Asian, West African and Caribbean backgrounds turn away from these traditional dishes in favour of fast food, takeaways and microwaveable snacks.


“The danger is that if today’s teenagers lose interest in these recipes, they will no longer be passed on to posterity and a vital part of these diaspora groups’ cultural heritage will be lost. Another important factor is that fast food is linked to obesity, while these dishes are healthy, as well as tasty.”


Paul Harrison says Tropical Sun doesn’t only want the National Rice Week message to reach the communities who brought these recipes here: “85% of the nation is Caucasian and we need to introduce them to these dishes as exciting and healthy additions to their repertoire. We have all the ingredients. “



As well as pursuing their passion for bringing the flavours of the world to the nation’s tables, Tropical Sun pride themselves on their work with local and international communities. Traditionally they have been inclined to keep their community and charity work fairly low-key, says community brand ambassador Paul Harrison, but in response to enquiries from customers, the company have decided to publish details of relevant activities on their website,


Last year Tropical Sun took part in the Home Office’s Black History Month event in October and supported other events around the country for this important part of the national calendar. This time round Tropical Sun are giving a hamper for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s virtual event for Black History Month.


For more information about Tropical Sun and how the company is helping the community, visit


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- Debi Adebiyi (left) and Gouthami  Kunjumon (right) serving Jollof Rice - Ivonne Ajayi's Jollof Rice & Chicken Recipe


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