January sees the return of the popular Veganuary campaign which intends to encourage vegan-curious, health conscious or simply people looking to feel better to go vegan for a month. Demuths Cookery School has seen a huge rise in demand for plant-based diets as more people are choosing to give up not only meat but also dairy products, for health and ethical reasons. Incorporating lighter, plant-based dishes into diets is popularizing vegan food immensely.

Demuths Cookery School is based in a light and airy former Georgian townhouse providing a truly inspirational space to further your knowledge. Demuths' range of vegan courses are fun and hugely informative and include Vegan Fast and Delicious. This is a popular course and shows you how to make seasonal vegan meals that are easy to make, delicious and colourful to eat. 

Other plant based courses include Vegan Bread Making, Vegan Cakes and Puddings and Gourmet Vegan Cookery, all teaching cooks to gain confidence with a wide range of flavours. There is also a high demand for their Vegan Diploma Course. Students may use this course as a springboard to start their own culinary business, or simply to help them expand own home cooking skills. With more people becoming plant curious, food outlets are realising their menus need high quality plant-based choices injecting sophistication to appeal to everybody, not just vegans.

Chefs have found the Vegan Diploma course at Demuths to be invaluable to enhance their menus and to respond to an increasing demand from this important group of paying customers. The Demuths Cookery School Vegan Diploma covers all aspects of vegan cooking, aligning to the national qualifications offered by catering colleges. The course is aimed to increase students' confidence with the more technical aspects of cooking and baking as well as furthering knowledge of world cuisines. For anybody wanting to deepen their technical knowledge and perfect their skills within plant-based vegan food, then the Demuths Vegan Diploma is highly recommended.

All courses vegan or vegetarian are well paced, informative and fun and their extremely knowledgeable tutors ooze professionalism with an excellent mixture of demonstrations and hands on practice.