Waitrose has announced plans to reduce sugar in its range of breakfast cereals during 2016 by stripping out more than 7.5 million calories or nearly two tonnes in the coming year.The commitment will involve a 15 per cent sugar reduction in cornflakes, one of Waitrose's top selling lines, and significant sugar reduction in other popular products, including honey nut cornflakes and choco pops.

The changes to breakfast cereals will mean that by the end of this year Waitrose has removed nearly 25 tonnes of sugar from its own label products across a variety of products categories.

The work builds on the supermarket's success in reducing sugar during the last year. To date a total of seven tonnes of sugar have been removed from chilled juices, and 14.6 tonnes removed from own label yoghurts.

In addition the retailer has reduced the sugar content of undiluted juices, cordials and squashes by between five and 15 per cent without the use of sweeteners and by between 10 and 30 per cent for fizzy drinks.

Waitrose Nutrition Manager, Moira Howie, says: "Breakfast is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle so Waitrose will continue to focus attention on cereals and other popular breakfast choices such as sweet pastries, smoothies, yoghurts and juices in the coming year, so we really can help customers make a healthier choice.

"We have already made significant progress in reducing sugar across everyday items like drinks and yoghurts. However, it is not simply a question of removing sugar we are also adding healthier ingredients which have nutritional benefits into our own label range, such as wholegrains, vegetables and fruit."