Wolverhampton-based Business Expands Customer Support Team

Wolverhampton-based Business Expands Customer Support Team


ERA, the UK’s leading home security specialist, has implemented a new helpdesk team offering end-user support for its fast-growing smartware security product portfolio.

The four-strong team offers expert help and guidance for home owners, trade and local authorities from ERA’s head office at the i54 Business Park in Wolverhampton.

Tania Tams, Head of Marketing, said: “Our smartware security range is developing a pace and due to the nature of the products the time has come to provide an on-site, dedicated aftercare team for customers. The new team provides an extension to our existing ERA Expert Helpdesk team who offer support on our more traditional product range.

“In addition to supporting customers, we hope that this latest move will also provide peace of mind for tradesmen too, giving them a clear point of contact to refer their customers to for aftercare if they have any questions post-fitting.”

The Helpdesk team, who are all from the Wolverhampton area,  is lead by Customer Support Manager, Liam Moses, who has a strong background in digital sales and customer service.

Liam said: “We offer a personal service where all our customers are guaranteed a ‘solve’ or ‘resolve’ outcome for their query. If we can’t solve their query on the spot, they can rest assured that we will go away and resolve it, usually, within 24hrs. We are currently running at a 98% solve rate at point of contact with the customer, with the remaining queries requiring additional input from other areas of our business. We also offer live chat web-support and deal with queries regarding ebay and Amazon purchases too.”

The Smartware Helpdesk Team receives a wide range of queries from customers who might not feel as comfortable with technology including; whether a product is suitable for use in different areas of the home, selecting the best product to suit customer needs, how to get a replacement remote or key and how to return or exchange an item.

Supporting the Customer Support Manager are three Customer Support Advisors. Phil Robinson is a self-professed tech geek who has 10 years’ experience in electrical retail customer service roles. For Phil, the most rewarding part of the role is dealing with flustered customers who are trying to explain a problem with an alarm sounding in the background. He said: “Our job is to take the pressure off the customer, calm the situation and provide the solution.”

Figuring out how things work, taking them apart and rebuilding them has always been of interest to Customer Support Advisor, Matthew Bird. With a retail background in gaming, computers and electronics, Matthew is enjoying his new challenge at ERA. He said: “As well as homeowners and trade customers, we offer support to local authorities that provide alarm schemes for the elderly and more vulnerable. We receive regular calls from these residents with a range of queries from simple questions to more complex issues. I’m enjoying the diversity of the role and it’s great to be working with Phil again who I worked alongside in a previous role at an electronics retailer.”

The third Customer Service Advisor is Kaush Patel who has an IT background and extensive experience in call centres. Kaushik said: “I love technology and I’m enjoying learning more about advances in smartware security products. Having worked in large call centres for 15 years it’s great to be part of a much smaller team that can provide a more personal approach to customers queries. We build a rapport with our customers and we genuinely want to help them. We provide help for the life of the product, way after the guarantee has expired, and it’s great to get calls from customers who are still using an alarm they bought 20 years ago that’s still going strong and simply want buy another one for a relative!”

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