78% of West Midlands children say the key to happiness is having...

78% of West Midlands children say the key to happiness is having parents who believe in them


When asked about memories that are special to them, 82 per cent said going on family holidays, 66 per cent said spending quality time with their parents or guardians, 52 per cent said birthday parties and 34 per cent said a parent or guardian reading a bedtime story to them.

This week, during Barnardo’s Fostering and Adoption Week (January 23-29), the leading children’s charity is appealing to people who are loving and supportive to consider fostering to make a difference to a child’s life.

There is currently a shortfall of around 9,000 foster carers across the UK (2).

Barnardo’s regional director Hugh Sherriffe said: “This survey shows the fundamental role that parents, guardians and carers play in a child’s life. Fostering can transform a child’s life and give them the childhood they so desperately deserve.”

The theme of this year’s Fostering and Adoption Week is ‘When you believe in me’. To ensure children’s voices are heard throughout the UK, Barnardo’s will be asking 70,440 people (2), which represents the number of children currently in care, to nominate the person that believed in them.

There is currently a shortage of foster carers across the UK, with particular need for carers who can provide safe, stable homes for teenagers, children with challenging behaviours and sibling groups.

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