Calling Out For Superheroes At The People’s Orchestra

Calling Out For Superheroes At The People’s Orchestra


K&K productions join with The People’s Orchestra for the premiere of “Cable: Chronicles of Hope”, directed and produced by George and Harry Kirby. The orchestra will be showcasing a memorable live to film performance composed by John Koutselinis.

The People’s Orchestra (Charity) brings to its audience another incredible concert; Superhero Symphonies – Live at The New Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham.

Featuring a collection of exciting superhero themed pieces from renowned composers including John Williams, Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer, The People’s Orchestra has put together the perfect night out for heroes alike!

Sarah Marshall, the founder and creative director of The People’s Orchestra, hopes that with the support of audiences the show will be a great success for the charity.

“I am beyond thrilled to bring Superhero Symphonies to The New Alexandra Theatre,” explained Director of The People’s Orchestra, Sarah Marshall, “It is our largest venue yet and we are definitely raising the bar with a great range of pieces this year. 22nd July will be a great date for music lovers and superhero film aficionados to come together over their love of these great pieces. It will be a phenomenal experience for everyone to enjoy”.

The orchestra will be playing many pieces from popular superhero movies, including themes from Superman (1978), The Dark Knight, The Incredibles, Zorro, Thor: The Dark World, and Captain America along with an original score to an all-new X-Men Fan-Film ‘Cable: Chronicles of Hope’.

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