Christian Festival Partnering with Muslims Arts Scene for Greenbelt

Christian Festival Partnering with Muslims Arts Scene for Greenbelt


This year, for the first time ever, the annual Christian arts festival, ‘Greenbelt,’ will be partnering with Amal, a British grant-giving fund supporting British Muslim art and culture, which providing opportunities for people in Britain, regardless of their faith or beliefs, to come together and explore the rich diversity of Muslim cultures and arts including storytelling, visual arts, theatre, poetry, music, dance and film.

The festival will be the first time Britain’s biggest Christian arts festival, which has previously featured artists like U2, Moby and Cliff Richard, will host such a major Muslim presence with a full programme of performances.

Through this unique initiative, Christian and Muslim artistry, ideas, conversation and spirituality will be showcased together through a powerful ensemble of storytelling, visual arts, theatre, poetry, music and dance.

Championing imagination and values of compassion, conviviality and social justice, Amal believes that culture and the arts broaden horizons and forge common ground within and between communities, as it facilitates experiences, encounters and discoveries that help to address the complex and critical issues facing communities today in an inclusive atmosphere of creative expression and mutual respect. Through its varied activities, it hopes to achieve a deeper and broader understanding of Muslim cultures, thereby adding to the strength and vitality of contemporary British society.

Beginning in 2016, it started as a Programming Fund making grants in support of Muslim cultural productions over a pilot phase of around one year.

Taking place on August 25-28, on the grounds of Boughton House in Northamptonshire, the new Amal @ Greenbelt venue will be curated by Chicago cultural producer, Asad Ali Jafri, aka DJ Man-O-Wax, whop said: “We’re so excited to have received funding from Amal to produce a brand new venue and programme at Greenbelt this summer, showcasing Muslim art, culture, thought and spirituality

And we’re thrilled to introduce the curator we’ve appointed to shape the Amal programme for us this year.”

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