It will be the first opportunity for the Paris audience to see the work of this young British artist. Annya will present 13 works from her “Abstract Thinking” collection, created in 2007-2009, and seven works from her new, never-seen-before collection "The World of Obsessions", created in 2014 - 2015.

Annya Sand was born in Kazakhstan and started painting at a very young age. She moved to London when she was a child, and currently lives and works there.Specialising in oil painting, Annya's art is deeply influenced by her early childhood in Kazakhstan.  Her artworks are predominantly abstract in style and characterised by earthy tones and harmonious colours.

Annya's latest collection, 'The World Of Obsessions', is made with the acrylic, a new medium for an artist.  Her new paintings retain her signature style, but they differ from previous works in terms of colour. Annya uses a lot of white and pastel colours, giving the work a sense of lightness and freshness. When creating this collection, the artist paid great attention to the texture of the paint. By using the technique of creation of continuous, non-broken lines, Annya completely surrenders to the creative process, not focusing as much attention on the composition.

Annya Sand commented on her upcoming exhibition: "I am very happy to exhibit my works in Paris, one of my favorite cities in the world, the capital of fashion and such an important cultural center. My favorite time of the year in Paris is spring, when the city wakes up from winter and reveals its vibrant smells and colours. I am very glad that it is in April when I have the opportunity to show my art and my new collection to the Parisian audience.  

"Through my paintings I bring my experiences and views to life. I am inspired by both: the past and the present.  My art is, above all, a personal meditation, which occurs during my creative process. I observe all aspects of life in different cultures, and that's where I draw my inspiration from. My works communicate to the viewer and ask the viewer to reflect on his or her life.

"I consider myself an abstract artist. I love the colours, their subtle and harmonious mixtures and their influence on the composition. Through my work, I invite the viewer into a world of my own colours and its mysterious atmosphere, and by this I open this world to interpretation.

"My latest collection 'The World Of Obsessions' explores my perception of the human mind. I created this collection during one of the most challenging periods of my life, experiencing great difficulties, as well as a great joy. In my work I wanted to consider the complexity and diversity of human thoughts, and to analyze how our thinking affects our inner world and our lives, as well as the lives of people around us. In my latest collection I demonstrate these views both graphically and symbolically."