City of Wolverhampton Council has been forging links with its European counterparts to produce a best practice booklet for problem solving in city developments. Officers recently completed a European Commission-funded project called ‘Cities of Change’, led by the City of Poznan in Poland. The knowledge exchange involved representatives from 14 cities of 11 EU Member States.

Wolverhampton was selected for its experience in co-ordinating communities and community responses – and is the only UK city involved in the project.

The main aims of the project were to:

·         Establish a sustainable European network for exchange of experiences and good practices in the field of policy, involving modern, strategic city management

·         Look at good practice around data gathering and reporting across Europe

·         Enhancing awareness of citizens’ roles in decision making, promotion of participative democracy and good governance among local self-governments

·         Promoting the transfer and exchange of knowledge for solving problems of city development

Councillor John Reynolds, City of Wolverhampton Council Cabinet Member for City Economy, said: “We view EU projects as an important way to help forge relationships with other cities and towns in Europe.

“This not only provides the platform to showcase Wolverhampton as a city, but also enables us to learn from best practice undertaken on the continent.

“There was no cost to the City of Wolverhampton Council to be involved in this project and we would like to thank the city of Poznan for their generous hospitality and support.”

Three project events, involving public conferences, workshops, public debates, study visits and seminars, were followed by the production of the final publication.

Countries involved in the project include Bologna (Italy), Bucharest (Romania), Daugavpils (Latvia), Dublin (Ireland), Florence (Italy), The Hague (Netherlands), Hengelo (Netherlands), Klaipeda (Lithuania), Murcia (Spain), Padua (Italy), Rennes (France), Metropolitan Region Hannover-Braunschweig-Gottingen-Wolfsburg (Germany).