Greece will again have a high profile at World Travel Market London (November 6-8, 2023) – the world’s most influential travel & tourism event.

The destination will showcase their ambitious sustainability plans after renewing the sponsorship of the International Media Centre. Adding to the significance of Greece‘s participation at WTM, the newly appointed Minister of Tourism, Olga Kefalogianni, will be in attendance to actively promote the destination and attend the Ministers’ Summit at World Travel Market in association with UNWTO and WTTC on Monday, November 6, at WTM London 2023.

Also, on Monday, November 6, the Minister will join the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) press conference in the International Media Centre to address an audience of journalists. The Press Conference will serve as an opportunity to unveil significant developments on Greece’s multifaceted commitment to sustainability, tourism priorities, trade advancements, diversity strategies, and accessibility projects.

On Tuesday, November 7, delegates will have the opportunity to explore the destination’s sustainability plans in more depth, as the 72 exhibitors on the GNTO stand – including Greek regions, hoteliers, associations, start-up companies, travel agents, DMCs and airlines – will be showcasing their own eco-credentials through a series of short videos as part of a “Sustainability Marathon.”

Furthermore, Greece’s sustainability efforts will bolster WTM’s “Power to Change” campaign, which highlights positive tourism initiatives around the world. Also on Tuesday, November 7, the destination is organising a panel discussion in the International Media Centre on Women in Business in Greece.

Looking ahead to 2024, noteworthy events include the ceremonial lighting of the Olympic flame and the Olympic torch relay in Olympia on the Peloponnese peninsula, preceding the Olympic Games in Paris. Additionally, Thessaloniki will host the annual pan-European LGBTI+ event, EuroPride, in June of the same year, adding to Greece’s diverse and vibrant tourism calendar.

Eleni Skarveli, Director of the GNTO UK & Ireland Office, said the GNTO unveiled its sustainability hub,, one year ago, to shine a light on “incredible” initiatives, ranging from renewable energy and electric vehicles to cutting out single-use plastics.

“Greece is happy to support the Power to Change campaign, emphasising the critical challenges destinations face due to climate change. The bell has rung many times, and it is in our hands to drastically encourage meaningful collaborations and partnerships towards a sustainable travel industry.

“The platform serves as a valuable tool for the British trade to discover Greece’s sustainable best practices and initiatives, aiding us on our sustainability journey.” According to Skarveli, the challenges of heatwaves and forest fires showed the importance of finding solutions to the climate crisis.

Skarveli highlighted how mainstream tour operators had expanded their capacity and extended the tourism season – while smaller specialists are helping to open up smaller islands that can be reached via flights to larger destinations such as Rhodes and Kos.

Furthermore, the Greek tourism minister will be able to talk about diversity, equality, and accessibility in tourism. One key accessibility project is the development of Seatrac, which enables wheelchair users to swim in the sea at 280 beaches in Greece.

Juliette Losardo, Exhibition Director at World Travel Market London, said: “I am thrilled that Greece will again sponsor our International Media Centre, especially as pioneering sustainability initiatives play such a vital part in its marketing.

“The GNTO has seen great returns from its previous sponsorship of the media centre at WTM London so we’re excited that it will again play a key role and amplify our ‘Power to Change’ messages. Having such a high profile among the world’s established trade and consumer journalists and top social media influencers, is essential for the Greek tourism trade to exchange ideas and drive innovation.”

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