Recipes for ‘easy white bread’ have proven to be the most popular amongst Brits looking to hone in their baking skills during the pandemic, new data analysis reveals. 

A full-scale analysis of the UK’s bread baking habits has been conducted by SEO Agency Blueclaw, revealing the highest-rated and most popular recipes ahead of this year's Real Bread Week - beginning on 20th February.  The analysis looked at guides provided by the UK’s top recipe provider and found that other popular choices among amatuer bakers include naan bread and cheesy garlic bread. 

‘Easy’ bread recipes seemed to be most popular, as ‘bread in four easy steps’ ranked at the number four position - showing more new bakers are now looking for recipes than before. 

Surprisingly, the data also showed a nationwide shift towards vegan bread recipes, as these proved to be the most popular despite longer prep and cooking times - accounting for 35% of the site’s search volume compared to their non-vegan and vegetarian counterparts. As well as being higher rated and more popular, vegan recipes were also found to be a lot healthier than others with around a third less calories on average and just over 60% less fat.

This year’s Real Bread Week encourages Brits to support local, independent bakeries and to bake their own bread, with the aim being to focus on consuming fewer additives in 2021. In fact, this year the annual celebration could prove more prominent given that more Brits are turning their hands to baking during lockdown than ever before. 

During the first lockdown in March 2020, Google search trend data showed a massive spike in searches for ‘bread recipes’ which increased by 50%. With Brits now having nearly a year to perfect their baking skills in the boredom of lockdown, this year's Real Bread Week, beginning on 20th February, is expected to see bread recipes go through another rise in search volume.