Councillor Erdal Dogan has been appointed Cabinet Member for Stronger and Safer Communities. The cabinet have made it one of their top priorities to work collaboratively with local residents and have made community safety one of their top priorities.

Cllr Dogan’s arrival will see him focus on key areas including:


Local voluntary and community sector:

·         Volunteering

·         Capacity-building for VCS organisations

       Community Safety:

·         Women’s Safety

·         Hate crime

·         Community engagement (including building trust and confidence)

·         Anti-social behaviour

·         Focus on crime hotspots

·         Prevent

·         Member of Community Safety Partnership

       Equalities, diversity and inclusion:

·         Borough Partnership on racial justice

·         Social cohesion and social capital

Cllr Dogan was elected as a Haringey Councillor in May 2018 and has lived most of his time in the borough since the age of ten.

He went to White Hart Lane school, and his first job as a teenager was working at a restaurant on Green Lanes. He first became involved in politics in 2010 to achieve change for a better, fairer and more just society. 

His professional career has been in Information Technology and Communication in Higher Education Institutions. 

Cllr Dogan lives in Northumberland Park with his wife and two children who attend a local community school. He is passionate about community cohesion, equality, education and digital technologies.

Cllr Dogan said: “I am delighted to have the opportunity to take on this new role to serve the people of Haringey.

“I am passionate about our communities. They are invaluable and make a huge contribution to Haringey. I’d like to reach out to as many communities as possible so we can shape our services according to their needs. 

“One of the issues I know that residents are particularly concerned about is antisocial behaviour. We will be working with all our partners including local communities to explore solutions to help make safer and more pleasant place for everyone.

“I am also keen to work with our residents in relation to digital exclusion. I will be engaging with this part of the community so that we can better understand these challenges and put in place the right measures to support them.”