As The Great British Bake Off returns to our screens spare a thought for people who love to bake or eat the results (or both!) but are concerned about the impact on their health because the results  are often calorie laden and high in saturated fat and sugar. Luckily Diabetes UK has developed some new tasty recipes aimed at helping those with a sweet tooth indulge without the guilt. All the charity’s recipes are designed to be healthier than standard versions, with all recipes nutritionally analysed and colour coded so you can know the exact amount of carbs, sugar, fat, saturated fat in each portion helping you make food choices that are right for you. Included in the mouth-watering line-up is a chocolate, almond and berry cake, savoury scones and even a carrot cake. In the baking and dessert section you can also find a variety of recipes including chocolate brownies.

Peter Shorrick, Diabetes UK Midlands Regional Head, said: “We want people with diabetes, who are watching their weight, or simply want to eat less saturated fat and sugar, to still be able to treat themselves. We have got a variety of recipes on our website aimed at helping people with diabetes enjoy a guilt-free nibble. We also provide clear information on portion sizes so people can keep an eye on how much they are eating.”

Peter added: “Our Enjoy Food recipe hub is a really useful tool for people living with diabetes, for whom physical activity and a healthy balanced diet is key to helping them manage their condition. However, it is really important for everyone, regardless of whether they have been diagnosed with diabetes, to embrace a healthy diet and these baking recipes and all our others can help everyone do just that. For people who have diabetes then one or two high blood glucose readings shouldn’t affect long-term diabetes control, but people should aim to avoid persistently high readings.”

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