The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Youth Summit took place last week with hate crime, knife crime and personal safety high on the agenda. As the previous eight Youth Commissioners step down, Commissioner David Jamieson welcomed the six new Youth Commissioners to the role

Presentations on the Youth Commissioners achievements in the last year were shown, including a food collection for the victims of domestic violence in Coventry, and the production of a schools video on anti-social behaviour.

Speaking before the event, West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson said: “Youth Commissioners are elected by their peers to be the voice of their generation.

“They speak up on issues that affect young people and it is wonderful to see such engaged and active citizens.

“There will be around 100 young people in tonight’s audience and they will be treated to an interactive theatre performance along the themes of hate and knife crime and personal safety – issues that are extremely important to our Youth Commissioners and were selected specifically by them.”