Podium Success for Walsall based motorcycle sidecar passenger Andy “Preacher” Haynes

Podium Success for Walsall based motorcycle sidecar passenger Andy “Preacher” Haynes


Fortunately, the team had also taken their trusted MRE 950 Weslake so they chose to race that in the 7 lap feature race on Sunday. They started from mid pack and spent a lap trying to pass a group of very equally matched BEARS outfits who were dicing in their own championship race. Once past, the team set about chasing the leaders down and made rapid progress through the rest of the field and settled into 2nd place half way through the race – a position they held until the finish.
As Andy reflects the team were pleased with their progress over the weekend. “We were very pleased to be as quick as we we’re in the main race. We were still 1.5 secs off our best lap time and even if we’d been on it, we’d not have caught the leader – but for our first race on the track this year on the MRE 950 we’re very happy with a 2nd place. Despite the new bike not working as we needed we have made progress with it and are going in the right direction.”
The 2016 season hasn’t been the smoothest for Andy, who is a lay Methodist Preacher and when not racing can be found leading services in Methodist churches across Walsall.

In April, with a different team, Andy had a massive start line accident that saw him knocked off his sidecar and then run over by another sidecar which broke his foot. After excellent care at the scene from Donnington Park medical staff and also from Walsall Manor Hospital fracture team, Andy was well enough to compete at the end of May on the road racing circuit at the pre-TT Classic on the Isle of Man. Teaming up with Phil Boote again, the team qualified well, however suffered a mechanical failure in the main race meaning they had to withdraw.

As Andy comments “It’s not been the best start to a season. I was very fortunate to have avoided more serious injury at Donnington in April and I was able to race on the Isle of Man which has been a lifelong dream of mine. The preaching side of things has kept me busy whilst I haven’t been able to race and I was certainly being watched over from above and blessed with safety and swift healing.”
Andy has a busy couple of weeks ahead. This coming weekend he is racing with his other sidecar team “Rev’s Racing” on a 1000cc Suzuki Formula 1 sidecar at Castle Coomb near Bristol, then the weekend after its Pembrey in South Wales before a return trip to Cadwell Park on the big bike at the end of July.

Solo Motorcycle Training of Walsall and TVR Instruments of Colchester are very proud to be supporting Andy in his racing endeavours this season. Solo Motorcycle Training offer a range of training packages to get people ready to ride sccoters/motorbikes on the road and pass their test. TVR Instruments are a one stop shop for instrumentation and ancillary products for use in the switchboard or panel building industry.

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